PRP025 Sibling Rivalry with Dr Laura Markham Part 1

Sibling Rivalry Part 1 With Dr Laura Markham

Show Notes: Sibling Rivalry with Dr Laura Markham Your son snatches a toy from your daughter. What do you do? Snatch it back? Coerce? Time out? I discuss peaceful, coaching-based approaches with world-leading expert on evidence-based peaceful parenting, Dr Laura Markham. Laura shares what we can do to prevent sibling …

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My Child Won’t Sleep!

child won't sleep image

Has your child started refusing to sleep at naptime? Or bed time? Are you spending hours trying to settle a child who won’t sleep? These problems arise frequently in the first 5 years, and there are many possible reasons. A very common cause is detailed in the video below.   …

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PRP024 What is Attachment?

What is Attachment Image

Show Notes: What is Attachment? What is attachment? Attachment isn’t just about your relationship with your child, though that is important. It can predict how your child will approach future relationships, how close future friendships will be, and whether your child will seek support when under stress. Attachment is dynamic. …

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Controlled Crying: What does the research say?

Controlled Crying Image

Mouths of Mums has published my article “Controlled Crying, the truth, mostly the truth, and some opinion“: Ever felt like a bad Mum for trying controlled crying? Or not doing controlled crying, but leaving you and your child constantly sleep deprived? Me too. Here’s what the research says so you …

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Daycare: When to start? Are there risks to starting too early?

Daycare 400

Have you heard that when mothers return to work within the first year of life, sending their child to daycare, this can result in later attachment issues, disobedience, and aggression? Don’t panic. It is not that straight forward. I began researching this based on a subscriber email I received: Here …

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PRP023 Angry Kids: Emotional or attention seeking?

Angry Kids Image

Show Notes: Angry Kids – Emotional or attention seeking? Do you have angry kids at times? Does your child throw tantrums? Lash out? Is it attention seeking? Or emotional? Should we ignore the behaviour? Is empathising reinforcing the bad behaviour? I was wondering too, so I asked an expert: Dr …

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PRP022 Prepare for Baby: New Workshop

Prepare for baby image

Show Notes: Prepare for Baby – New Workshop If you want to prepare for baby, but don’t know how, this workshop conducted by Laura Alfred and Erla Marx Newhouse will give you an opportunity to think about and discuss what life will be like with a new baby and help …

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PRP021 Snoring Children: Sleep Apnoea – Don’t ignore the (gasping) snore

Snoring Children, Sleep Apnoea image

Show Notes: Snoring Children: Sleep Apnoea – Don’t ignore the (gasping) snore 5 in 10 snoring children have sleep apnoea. If left undiagnosed, the resulting lack of quality sleep can lead to learning, behavioural, and mood difficulties. It is important to have it diagnosed and treated early. Listen to Dr …

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PRP020: Possums Sleep Intervention Part 4

Possums Sleep Intervention 4 400

Show Notes: Possums Sleep Intervention Part 4 Dr Koa Whittingham (A collaborator on the Possums Sleep Intervention – shares her thoughts on the use of dummies, and dealing with separation anxiety and sleep for young toddlers. Summary Dummy use The Possums Approach is that use of the Dummy is …

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PRP019 Possums Sleep Intervention Part 3

Show Notes: Possums Sleep Intervention Part 3 Dr Koa Whittingham (A collaborator on the Possums Sleep Intervention – shares some wonderful information about the Possums Sleep Intervention including how to co-ordinate baby wearing and feeding to sleep with multiple caregivers, a new perspective on sleep association, tired cues, incorporation …

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