PR-P004: Bed time routine modelling (and other uses of modelling)

Show Notes: Bed Time Routine ModellingBed Time Routine Modelling

This episode introduced a couple of ways that I have used modelling to familiarise my kids with a new bed time routine. I then present modelling principles based on Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory. Finally, I touch on some other potential uses for modelling.


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For a video of me modelling our bedtime routine to Liz, see below:

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Bandura, A. (1989). Social cognitive theory. In R. Vasta (Ed.), Annals of child development (Vol. 6. Six theories of child development, pp. 1-60). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

Bandura, A. (2011). Social cognitive theory. Handbook of social psychological theories, 349-373.

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