Becoming a Mother ImageShow Notes: Becoming a Mother

Dr Koa Whittingham (Parenting from the Heart – shares some wonderful advice and tools for smoothing the transition when becoming a mother, through a discussion of her book “Becoming Mum”.


  • Psychological transition to motherhood includes:
    • Recreating a rich and rewarding life.
    • Constantly keeping track of another dependent person.
    • Forming a new relationship.
  • Becoming Mum
    • Evidence-based guide through the transition to motherhood
      • Grounded in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and other Cognitive Behavioural Therapies including:
        • Compassionate Mind Therapy
        • Behavioural activation
      • Incorporates Attachment Theory.
      • Fourth Trimester.
    • Mindful Practice – Keeping yourself in the here and now – while you are doing anything.
      • Particularly enriching during interactions with children.
      • Find the rewarding elements of settling crying babies – focus on the moment not what you want/need to be doing.
      • Mindful walks.
    • Listen for the Mindfulness of Child Meditation from the book.
    • Role of Values.
      • Values are what matters most to you. They can never be acheived, they guide you every day.
      • There are many different ways to live the same values.
      • Mindfulness is powerful, but needs Ethics or Values to direct you in the direction you want to go.
      • Listen for a values-finding exercise.


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