Is this the right book for you?

If your child will only fall asleep on you or with you and that is no longer working for you, this book can help.

Good reasons to choose this book

  • I am exhausted/have to work and can’t continue spending ages getting my child to sleep.
  • No-one else can/is willing to carry my child while s/he falls asleep, and I need other carers to get my child to sleep.
  • My child won’t sleep unless I’m there and s/he is getting overtired because I can’t always be there.
  • I spend my nights getting my baby to sleep and it is hurting my relationship.

This book is a good fit for you

Not good reasons to choose this book

  • People say I’m stifling my child’s independence or creating unhealthy sleep habits. Not true, see the link below.
  • I feel guilty about helping my child to sleep. There is no need. Again, see the link below.

You may not need to change what you’re doing.