Is this the right book for you?

If you definitely want to move your baby or child out of your bed into their own, this book will give you evidence-based options to achieve that. But first, let’s make sure that is really what you want.

Good reasons to change

  • I am not sleeping well when my child is in bed with me
  • My child doesn’t seem to sleep well when we share a bed
  • It isn’t safe for my baby to co-sleep with me or my partner
  • I’ve had enough of co-sleeping, I want my space
  • My relationship with my partner is suffering

This book is a good fit for you

Reasons for partial change…

  • I can’t afford to co-sleep during the day, but still enjoy it at night
  • I’m happy to co-sleep, I just don’t want to have to go to bed with my baby that early at night

You could use these suggestions for day-sleeps but not night-sleeps, or just to help your baby to go to sleep alone.

Not good reasons to change

  • Co-sleeping is always dangerous – False – There are safe ways to co-sleep. See the link below.
  • People say I’m stifling my child’s independence or creating unhealthy sleep habits. Not true, see the link below.

You may not need to change what you’re doing.

Is this the best book for you?

If you have good reasons for change or partial change and you…

  • Usually stay with your child until they are asleep, consider adding the Supporting Self Settling Book (coming soon) to the bundle.
  • Want your child to move into their own cot/bassinet etc. this book is right for you.
  • Want your child to move to their own bed, the Transitioning Cot to Bed Book (coming soon) might be a better fit for you.