Transitions are rarely easy for children or their parents. If your child is climbing out of the cot already, or you feel it is time for a big bed, this book will help you to make the transition as smooth as possible, and provide you with options as to how you go about the change, so that you can choose one that best fits your child. If you transitioned to a bed a while ago, but your child is still getting up repeatedly at bedtime, this e-book could help you too.

Is this the right book for you?

If you definitely want to move your child into their own bed, this book will give you options to achieve that. But first, let’s make sure that is really what you want.

Good reasons to change

  • It isn’t safe for my child to stay in the cot because s/he has started climbing out.
  • It is safe for my child to get out of bed at night (the environment is safe and I can trust my child to do the right thing).
  • Co-sleeping isn’t working for my family anymore and my child is old enough* to sleep in his/her own bed.
  • We are all ready for this transition.

If any of these apply, this book is a good fit for you.

Not good reasons to change

  • My child isn’t sleeping well in a cot, so perhaps a bed would be better.
  • Other kids seem to be moving to a bed already.
  • I just feel like a change.

Moving to a bed can feel like a big change, and a big loss of security for children. Plus, younger children often lack the ability to wait in bed until they fall asleep and to resist the urge to get up and play, or find their parents.

If night-times are OK at the moment, it may be best to wait.

If night-times are a struggle, consider whether having your child able to get out of bed at bedtime, and during the night is likely to improve matters.

Consider whether these ebooks are a better fit:

  • Gentle Sleep Options: Bedtime Struggles.
  • Gentle Sleep Options: Night-wakings.

Is this the best book for you?

If you have good reasons to change and…

  • You usually stay with your child until they are asleep, consider adding the Supporting Self Settling Book to the bundle.
  • You want your child to move into their own bed, then this book is right for you.
  • You want your child to move from co-sleeping to their own cot, the transitioning from cosleeping to solo-sleeping ebook might be a better fit for you.

* There is little agreement on what “old enough” to be in a bed is. The rule of thumb is that if your child is likely to climb out of a cot anyway, it is safer for them to be in a bed. Usually this happens around 3 years old, but it depends a lot on your child. The transition is likely to be easier for older children.