Teaching emotion management: Helicopter parenting and sleep

Emotion management image

How parents respond to emotional displays like tantrums, kicking, hitting, smashing, and yelling is important for building children’s ability to control their emotions. Controlling emotions, and particularly the ability to calm down, is important for sleep. The first step in emotion management is to learn to interpret emotions as discussed …

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Feed your baby to sleep – The possums sleep intervention new recommendations

Feed your baby to sleep

Don’t feed or rock your baby to sleep is common advice. A new take on the same theory suggests that this advice is flawed. As detailed here, the dominant theory is that feeding or rocking can become associated with sleep. The concern is that the parent is then required for …

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Bedtime routine modeling

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum (according to BrainyQuote.com) Bedtime routine modeling anecdotes When our son, Alex, was 6 months old he was still waking me at least 3 times a night. We implemented a range of strategies that …

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