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Helping you to write your own parenting manual

​​In parent coaching we work together to create the future you want for you and your family. You are the expert on your children and family dynamics. I will ask​ you questions t​o help you to discover what is most important to you and how to get there. You will walk away from each session with at least one new approach to try and a plan for testing it.

​Are you going through a major life change and wondering how to build your child’s resilience?

​Are you dreading getting kids to do something everyday? Like get dressed? Or go to bed?

​Are you sick of fighting with your kids over every little thing?

​Are you tired of unsolicited advice and competing recommendations?

Are you being the Mum you want to be?


What is Parent Coaching and how can it help?

​I use solution-focused coaching techniques. This means ​I use questions to help you to clarify what you want for you and your family. I act sort of like a light-house, highlighting potential paths forward, while letting you steer the boat. ​​Solution-focused parent coaching will help you to discover and test new approaches. ​At the same time, ​it models a style of questioning that helps people to discover their own solutions to problems, which you can then practice with your kids.

✅ No ongoing commitment.
✅ ​I come to you on Sydney’s North Shore.
✅ Non-judgemental, non-prescriptive.


❎ Parent coaching is not therapy.
❎ ​I cannot provide diagnoses.
How does it work?
​1. Complete the expression of interest form above.

2. ​I will email you to arrange an obligation-free call (10 minutes) to check that solution-focused coaching is a good fit for you and ensure that we can find a time that suits us both.

3. I will send you a calendar invite for the first session and a link for you to pay online.

4. At the end of each session you can choose to schedule a brief follow up phone call (included in the price of a session) or schedule another session.

​Why solution-focused coaching? And why choose me?

Solution-focused coaching…

“There is strong evidence that Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is an effective treatment for a wide variety of behavioral and psychological outcomes and, in addition, it appears to be briefer and less costly than alternative approaches.”

Gingerich and Peterson (2012) in Research on Social Work Practice

Dr Nicole Weeks…

​Dr Nicole Weeks is a PhD and Masters qualified, registered Psychologist​. ​ Nicole has been t​utoring coaching and positive psychology at Masters level since 2015​, and researching various aspects of ​motivation, decision making, parenting, and ​resilience since 20​08. ​​As a parent since 2012, Nicole is familiar with the joys and challenges of parenting.



For $150 you get one 60 minute session, and one 10-20 minute follow-up phone call.

 Each session will help you to come up with solutions to a parenting challenge that you are facing.

Please note, I only take on a limited number of clients per month. 

Confidentiality and Scope of Practice

As a psychologist practicing in Australia, Nicole has to adhere to a code of conduct.


Confidentiality: Everything you say to Nicole will be kept confidential, but there are 3 limitations to this:

1. If Nicole suspects that you may be at risk of harm to yourself or someone else then she has to do what she deems necessary to keep you and others safe, which may involve disclosing information.

2. Psychologists in Australia are mandatory reporters. If Nicole suspects child abuse she needs to ​report it.

3. If Nicole’s notes are subpoenaed by court or otherwise required by law then she has to provide them.

Wherever possible and practical, Nicole would discuss requirements to disclose your information with you first.

Scope of practice: Nicole is not a clinical psychologist. She cannot provide diagnoses, nor provide therapy for mental illness. If anything comes up that is beyond her field of expertise, then Nicole would help you find appropriate referrals.

Act now

If we could work magic, and you wake up tomorrow to find your problem is solved. What would you notice? How would that feel? How would your life be different? Together we can work towards that future, but you will need to take action.


Practical Research Parenting

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