PRP022 Prepare for Baby: New Workshop

Show Notes: Prepare for Baby - New Workshop If you want to prepare for baby, but don't know how, this workshop conducted by Laura Alfred and Erla Marx Newhouse will give you an opportunity to think about and discuss what life will be like with a new baby and help...

PRP016: Becoming a Mother

Show Notes: Becoming a Mother Dr Koa Whittingham (Parenting from the Heart - www.koawhittingham.com) shares some wonderful advice and tools for smoothing the transition when becoming a mother, through a discussion of her book "Becoming Mum". Summary Psychological...

Hi, I’m Nicky

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Hi, I'm Nicky,
A PhD/Masters registered Psychologist, researcher, coach, and Mum. I am using my skills in research to better understand this new, exciting, and sometimes baffling adventure of parenthood. I hope to gain insight, skills, and company along the way.

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