Toddler Sleep Challenge

Welcome to the 21-day (hopefully less, maybe more) Toddler Sleep Challenge!

I have been feeding Liz once or twice a night, sometimes more, since she was born (gasp and mutter sleep associations, habits, tsk tsk if you like). This was a habit that was working for Liz and I until now, so I don’t regret a moment of it. I just feel that after a year and a half of broken sleep, sleeping more than 5 hours at a time would be really nice. Anyone with me?

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Toddler Sleep Challenge ImageSo, I’m putting my Sleep Options Wizard for 0-5 year olds to the test. You don’t have to buy the wizard to join me. If you are in a similar position, with a 12 month old plus (Liz is 19 months) still sleeping in a cot, the route I choose should work for you too. Liz settles to sleep alone at the start of the night, but still wakes at night and has become accustomed to feeding then returning to her cot to settle back to sleep. If this sounds like your situation, the path I choose is likely to work well for you. If your toddler doesn’t self settle to sleep yet, you may choose to take the Sleep Options Wizard yourself to gain more tailored suggestions (it doesn’t cost much and is a worthwhile investment).

My aim is to get a full nights sleep (hopefully many of them). For me this means Liz sleeping 7ish to 6ish without needing me to attend in that time.

How it works

When you sign up, you will get some preliminary instructions to help you prepare. On day 1 of the challenge I will Email the first instructions.

We will start by logging our toddlers’ sleep to get a baseline and better understanding of what is going on.

Then I will do the Sleep Options Wizard for Liz, and choose the suggestions I want to implement. My preference is for gentle, minimal cry approaches so you can rest assured that I will not be doing controlled crying.

I will Email each new step along the way so you can do the same as me.

Then we will take a log again and share our results.

All throughout the journey we can support each other by posting our successes, trials, and tribulations in the Sleep Options Wizard Facebook Group.

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Please invite your friends, the more the merrier (and the more company we’ll have at 2am).

This Challenge is now closed. Please sign up to be the first to hear about the next one.

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