Practical Research Parenting Podcast Transcripts


EpisodeTitleShow notesTranscript
PR-P 001Baby sleep (or lack of). Research findings for normal 0-12 month olds.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 002Sleep Associations.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 0035 Research-Backed Sleep Training Methods.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 004Bed Time Routine Modelling.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 005Baby emotion management – Interpreting Emotions.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 006Emotional regulation, helicopter parenting, and sleep.Show notesTranscript
PR-P 007A Sensible Sleep Solution with Associate Professor Sarah Blunden Part 1.Show notesTranscript

Note: The podcast is continuing, but I have discontinued typing up transcripts because no-one was looking at them. If you would like me to start providing transcripts again, please let me know via email. If there is enough interest, I will start investing my time in transcipts again.

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