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This FREE video and email series helps you to implement the first step in any good sleep intervention.

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Suggestions tailored to your 0-5 year old child for transitioning to new sleep arrangements, night walkings, bedtime struggles, and/or waking too early.

Welcome to Practical Research Parenting.

I am a Mum, and a Psychologist. If your kids were born, or will be born after 2011, I am writing, and talking to you. I am researching common parenting challenges as they arise for me, and sharing what I find. Please join me on this amazing journey of discovery.


What I have learned about baby and toddler sleep so far…


My podcast introduces the practical tips we can learn from parenting science. Learn while you do your chores…

About Me

I want to help parents, including myself, to enjoy parenting, to form strong, loving relationships with their children, and to raise happy, well adjusted children…