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Practical research

  • Science-based practical advice
  • Interpreted and written by scientists for practitioners

Each article will provide:

  • Recommended behaviours, actions, procedures, systems, or solutions that can be implemented now
  • A summary of at least one scientific study supporting this approach, how it was implemented, and what the outcomes were
  • Opportunity to comment, share your experience, and learn from others’ experience

My Vision

I want to help parents, including myself, to enjoy parenting, to form strong, loving relationships with their children, and to raise happy, well adjusted children.
I plan to do this by researching options and potential solutions to common parenting challenges. Using this research I will provide parents with problem solving and decision making tools, allowing parents to choose the solutions that best fit their family and situation.

About the Author, Nicky

I have been a researcher in Psychology since 2007 not counting the three years of undergraduate study. In that time I have worked on multiple research projects as a research assistant, tutored psychology courses, published journal articles, and completed my combined Masters and PhD in Organisational Psychology (submitted and accepted mid 2014).

As a relatively new parent (established 2012) I have become interested in matters parenting-related and have decided to turn my research eye to the parenting literature. Although developmental research is not my specialty (yet), I know how to read and interpret research, critique research design, and ask good questions. I will share what I learn with you and spare you the scientist lingo whenever possible.

I apologise if production is slow. I expect to be very busy with a newborn and 2 year old from June 2014, in addition to research assistant and tutoring commitments.

I look forward to your company as I learn what the research has to tell us.

Nicole Weeks

P.S. If you think for a PhD/Masters graduate, my spelling is atrocious, it’s probably because you’re not Australian, we have different spelling rules down here. 🙂

My Qualifications and Experience

2015 – Advanced Workshop in Treating Behavioural Sleep Problems in Children and Adolescents

2014 – Combined Masters/PhD in Organisational Psychology (Grade Point Average 4/4)

2008 – BSc-Psychology (First Class Honours)

2012 (Ongoing) – Researching child development and sleep in my spare time

Contact me

I am interested in feedback from my listeners and readers, guest posts from fellow researchers, collaborations and mastermind groups with fellow online entrepreneurs, and generally making connections, so please feel free to email me (as long as you are not trying to sell me sunglasses).

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Hi, I’m Nicky

Dr Nicole Weeks Photo
Hi, I'm Nicky,
A PhD/Masters registered Psychologist, researcher, coach, and Mum. I am using my skills in research to better understand this new, exciting, and sometimes baffling adventure of parenthood. I hope to gain insight, skills, and company along the way.

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