Find Gentle Sleep Solutions for Your Child

Invest in a roadmap so you can see the many gentle paths to better sleep, and choose the best fit for your child, family, and philosophy.

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Last Chance to Buy the Sleep Options Wizard

 Your last chance to buy the Sleep Options Wizard is fast approaching! Sales close on Sunday!

You will have until the17th of June to complete the Sleep Options Wizard and receive your PDF.

What to expect

The Sleep Options Wizard asks you a series of questions (about 10 minutes), then automatically provides a series of suggested sleep solutions for your child on the spot

How is the Sleep Options Wizard different?

✓ Evidence-based

✓ Tailored to your child

✓ Provides multiple gentle options

✓ Non-judgemental and non-prescriptive

✓ Money-back guarantee

What does it address?

✓ Behavioural, emotional, and physical sleep issues

𐄂 NOT medical sleep issues

✓ Child sleep issues including night wakings, difficulties settling, waking early, transitions (e.g. cot to bed, or co-sleeping to cot)

𐄂 NOT adolescent or adult sleep issues

The Sleep Options Wizard for 0-5 year olds

Tailored options based on your responses.

The Sleep Options Wizard for 0-5 year olds is a detailed quiz that provides you with a probable (non-medical) diagnosis of your child’s sleep issues and a range of suggestions that are suitable to your child and your situation.

The Guidance Sleep Package

Tailored options and a responsive email series.

This is the perfect option if you want some viable sleep options for your 0-5 year old, you want support and are too tired to do all the planning and choosing yourself, but you don’t need the one on one attention of a sleep consult.

In addition to the Sleep Options Wizard you get:

⭐ An email course guiding you through choosing the best approach for you, preparing yourself and your child, implementing your chosen approach, and maintaining progress.

⭐ Facebook Support Group where you can expect support from other parents and responses from Dr Nicole Weeks within 4 days.

The Sleep Consultancy Package

One on one support to get you and your child sleeping.

Do you need tailored help with your child’s sleep issues? Are you too sleep deprived to form and stick to a plan from the options suggested in the Sleep Options Wizard? Then the Sleep Consultancy Package is for you.

Your part

□ Complete 7-Day Sleep Diary.

□ Complete the Sleep Options Wizard.

□ Find time for 2 Skype consults.​

□ Implement your personalised sleep plan.

My part

✓ Design your personalised sleep plan in consultation with you.

✓ Support you via email, Skype, and Social Media..

But I have no time!

I know. That is why:
✓ You can complete the Sleep Options Wizard on any device.
✓ Swap between devices easily.
✓ Save and continue later.
✓ Get the basic information at a glance and click for further information on approaches of interest.
✓ Complete it at any time of day or night.
✓ Receive an email of all your suggestions at the end.
✓ Questions take about 10 minutes.

I’m not willing to do controlled crying

You don’t have to! There are so many other ways.

I am sick of one-size fits none approaches

The Wizard will show you the range of options available to you and tailor them to your child.

What if I have tried them all?

Then you get a full refund. I genuinely want to help!

100% Money Back Guarantee

All products come with a satisfaction guarantee because we genuinely want to help. Here are the specifics:

Sleep Options Wizard: If the Sleep Options Wizard does not provide any new suggestions that you haven’t already tried, you can have a full refund.

Guided: If you complete the Sleep Diary, Sleep Options Wizard, and make a reasonable attempt to follow the steps in the email course, and you do not see improvements, you can have a full refund.

Sleep Consultancy: If you complete the Sleep Diary, Sleep Options Wizard, and make a reasonable attempt to apply your personalised sleep plan, and you do not see measurable improvements within 10 days of the second Skype consult, you can have a full refund.

To request a refund, email Refunds can only be given in the method they were received.

As a Registered Psychologist in Australia, I am prohibited from providing testimonials. I can tell you that 95% of people have said that they thought the suggestions would be helpful. (One said she had tried them all and got her money back). On average mothers have rated the questions and suggestions a 4 out of 5 for ease of understanding and relevance.

Please help to counteract the handicap of no testimonials (applied to Registered Health Professionals in Australia) by sharing this page with your sleep deprived friends.

Dr Nicole Weeks

Registered Psychologist, Practical Research Parenting


The popular Sleep Options Wizard is getting converted into a series of e-books. If you are beginning to feel stuck with your child’s sleep, if you have fallen into habits that are no longer working for you, or if you know you need to make a change, these e-books will help you to devise a change-plan, with at least a couple of fall-back options, so you never have to feel stuck.

Transitioning from co-sleeping to solo-sleeping

For when you have had enough of co-sleeping.

If you or your child are not sleeping well together, if it isn’t safe for your baby to co-sleep with you, or when you just need your space, there are gentle ways to transition from co-sleeping to solo-sleeping.

This e-book is quick and easy to read. In 14 pages, you will get an insight into 6 different ways to transition from co-sleeping to solo-sleeping including 3 gradual approaches, and 3 sudden approaches.

Transitioning from sleeping in a cot to a bed

For when your child is climbing out of the cot, or old enough to move to his or her own bed.

Transitioning to a bed is rarely easy for children or their parents. If you want to make the transition as smooth as possible from the start, or if you transitioned a while ago but bedtime and sleep hasn’t been as good since, this book could help.

This e-book will provide a range of options for helping you to smooth the transition and teaching your child the skills needed to fall asleep and resist the urge to get out of bed.


Bedtime Struggles

For when bedtime takes excruciatingly long.

If your child is taking forever to fall asleep, crying or constantly demanding, this e-book will help you to develop a plan to transform bedtime into a pleasant time for your kids and you.

This e-book is easy to read. In 21 pages, you will get an insight into why your child is taking so long to fall asleep, and at least 3 options to try to address that issue, for a total of 14 techniques to make for more peaceful (and quicker) bedtime routines.

Supporting Self Settling

For when your child will only fall asleep on you or with you and that is no longer working for you.

Are you losing hours a day settling your child to sleep? Do you need some of that time back for work, relationships, or time out?

This e-book provides specific approaches to teach your child the skills needed to fall asleep without you. This is a great addition to other e-books if you think that inability to self-settle is contributing to other difficulties such as Bedtime Struggles, Night Waking, or Transitioning.


Night wakings

For when your baby or child is waking you frequently at night.

Children waking at night is very common and very normal. If night wakings are excessive, or leaving you so sleep deprived that you cannot do what you need to each day, then there are gentle options to try to reduce night wakings.

This e-book helps you to figure out why your child is waking you, and provides a variety of possible approaches. If your child doesn’t fall asleep alone at bedtime, but wakes up alone at night, you might consider adding the Self-Setting e-Book above.