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Controlled crying is effective but painful and not the only way

Release Date: 15 June 2016

Recent research from Flinders University, and media coverage on all major news stations, has re-sparked the debate on cry it out and derivatives, but where does this study fit in the vast literature to date?

In a nutshell cry it out and derivatives are a quick and about 70% effective means of reducing sleep disruption for parents of children 6 months and older. Theoretically, Cry it Out recommendations appear damaging for the parent-child relationship, but research finds no detrimental effects or even mild advantages. Why? Dr Nicole Weeks, child-sleep expert from Practical Research Parenting, says “Sleep Deprivation can severely impact parents’ ability to respond patiently to their child. Any means of reducing sleep deprivation can have positive effects on the parent-child relationship. Cry it out is painful to implement and not the only way to achieve this outcome.”

Release Date: 15 June 2016

Sleep Awareness Week 4-10 July 2016

New parents are painfully aware of sleep. They see the effects of sleep deprivation in mental functioning, irritability, and co-ordination daily in themselves, their partner, and child, but can often feel powerless to address it. Thankfully there are many free resources to help new parents achieve better sleep sooner.

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