Sleep-training technique: Gradual withdrawal

Another sleep-training technique is gradual withdrawal (1), which is similar to the camp out method, but allows more interaction when Baby is distressed. Gradual withdrawal involves 3 steps: Distinguish needs (e.g. Nappy change), from wants (e.g. Comfort sucking). Attempt to meet needs not pander to wants. Prepare a series of …

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  • Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds)

    Take steps towards solving your child’s behavioural sleep issues now. The Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds) specialises in addressing bed-time struggles, night-wakings, extended night wakings, waking too early, and transitioning to a bed or a separate room. Suggestions are tailored to your child’s age, your situation, and your family. Answer the Wizard’s questions about your child’s sleep, and your family preferences, and he will give you suggestions on the spot.