Raising Resilient Children

For advice on raising children who can bounce back from adversity, see this collection of articles from mental health professionals around the world.


Many of these links are affiliate links (which means I earn a commission at no cost to you). I choose to use affiliate links rather than ads because that way I can ensure that all products mentioned on my site are products that I genuinely think could benefit my readers. To be a great mum or dad, you don’t need products, you need love, but sometimes products can make your life easier. Here are some products that have made my life easier.

Other Sleep Resources

Sleep Aids
The Arms-reach cosleeper – a safe co-sleeping option for the first 3-4 months.
 The Swaddle Up provides the comfort of swaddling, and access to hands for self soothing. However, they do need constant washing.
There are numerous brands of swaddle. I liked the Halo Sack because it was more secure than some of the others, and easily allows an arm out, or two arms out if your baby prefers.
Evidence-based Sleep Clinics
 Possums Sleep InterventionPossums provide holistic, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based support for a range of child health issues, including sleep. Possums provides gentle sleep approaches from birth. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Possums also offers Skype and telephone consultations. For more information on the Possums approach see Podcast Episode PRP017.
Dr_Sarah_BlundenThe Australian Centre for Education in Sleep provides free web-based resources, and in-clinic group and individual family support (in Adelaide, South Australia). Sleep interventions start from 6 months.  For more information on the Sensible Sleep Solution approach see Podcast Episode PRP007.
SleepShackThe Sleep Shack provides an online, clinically proven, personalised sleep treatment program for teens and tweens developed by Australia’s leading Sleep Doctors .
Other sleep resources
 Back is best imageInfant Sleep Information Source (ISIS online)
The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Sleep for Kids
The impact of sleep on the body
The best sleeping position
Parent’s guide to healthy sleep
Sleep Safety: The Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleep Safety and SIDS Awareness
Co-sleeping Safety: Safe Cosleeping Guidelines and Breastfeeding and Co-sleeping
Sleep Books
The Sensible Sleep Solution by Associate Professor Sarah Blunden provides research and practice based advice for sleep in the first year. A recommended read during pregnancy.
The Discontented Little Baby Book by Dr Pamela Douglas provides research and practice based advice from a range of disciplines for helping you and your newborn to get more in sync. See Podcast PRP017: The Possum Sleep Intervention for a discussion of Dr Pamela Douglas and colleagues’ sleep approach.
 Boss of My Sleep Book The Boss of my Sleep Book is a book for 3-8 year olds designed to teach children to fall asleep in their own bed without parental company.
I have used the Dream Baby Guide extensively and provide a full review here: https://www.practicalresearchparenting.com/2014/10/10/dream-baby-guide-review/. Please do read that before buying because there are some caveats.
 The No Cry Sleep Solution provides an array of tools for your toolkit. I think to really benefit from this book, you need to put the effort in to creating a plan using these tools. I wrote a review here: https://www.practicalresearchparenting.com/2014/04/26/no-cry-sleep-solution-review/.
Other Books
I recommend Becoming Mum to all new and expecting Mums. Becoming Mum helps to smooth the transition to motherhood, make your life as a parent less stressful and more enjoyable, and help you to become the best Mum you can be. See Podcast PRP016: Becoming a Mother for a discussion of and sneak peak into Becoming Mum.
I love the Positive Discipline Philosophy, which is well explained in this book. Positive Discipline is Kind and Firm, Responsive and Consistent, which is beneficial for development.
This book takes the Positive Discipline philosophy and applies it to common infant concerns such as biting, toilet training, and tantrums. It also explores what is developmentally appropriate behaviour and what is not.
 Baby-Led Weaning
 This is a really short, to the point, introduction to Baby-led Weaning, with research backing.
Both of my kids have enjoyed many picnics in the park with this chair, and it’s now a booster seat for Alex at home.
Educational TV Shows
Super Why is great for learning the alphabet, sounds, spelling, reading, and solving social problems. Alex loves it (at 2 and a half)!

Other Evidence-Based Parenting Websites

Australian Center for Education in SleepBabies – Adolescents sleep: http://sleepeducation.net.au/
Parenting from the HeartBabies – School age: http://www.koawhittingham.com
Parenting ScienceBabies – School age: http://www.parentingscience.com/
Science of MomBabies – Preschool age: http://scienceofmom.com/
Nurture and ThriveBaby – Preschool age: http://nurtureandthriveblog.com/
Aha ParentingPregnancy – Teens: http://www.ahaparenting.com/
Gentle ParentingPregnancy – School age: http://www.gentleparenting.co.uk
The Centre for Emotional HealthChild – Teenage: http://www.centreforemotionalhealth.com.au/
Evidence-Based ParentAll Ages: http://evidencebasedparent.blogspot.com.au/
Momma DataDebunking Parenting Media for all ages: http://www.mommadata.org/
Red Wine and Apple SauceAll ages: http://www.redwineandapplesauce.com/
Psychology TodayChild development and parenting for all ages: https://www.psychologytoday.com/
Sustaining CommunityFamilies in the community: https://sustainingcommunity.wordpress.com/category/families-parenting/
Double X SciencePregnancy: http://www.doublexscience.org/pregnancy-101/
The Thoughtful ParentResearch-based child development: http://www.thoughtfulparent.com/

Other Resources

How to help prevent your teen from using drugshttps://www.bluffsrehab.com/prevent-teen-using-drugs/