The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night The No Cry Sleep Solution (Image) provides a range of very practical suggestions for common sleep concerns and helps parents to gradually work towards a sleep arrangement that best suits their family.

Stand out benefits:

  • Safe and recommended for newborns and up
  • No assumptions or restrictions on preferred sleeping arrangements
  • Accommodates plans A, B, C, D (and sometimes more)
  • Acknowledges individual differences and suggests a focus on personal bests, rather than comparison with the average

(Available in book and kindle form)

The incorporation of multiple plans and back up plans is a unique feature and provides:

  • An approach that is appropriate for newborns
  • Minimal crying
  • Less guilt and frustration for the mother when she deviates from plan A
  • But also slower progress than stricter approaches


Apart from the slower progress than stricter approaches, the only drawback is that the list of suggestions can be overwhelming. To really benefit you will probably need to take Elizabeth’s suggestion of writing down a selection of strategies that you will use, otherwise many useful ideas are likely to be forgotten when needed.

For a summary of techniques that you can use from birth, see this post:

Has it been tested? Elizabeth Pantley takes a very scientific approach to baby sleep. The sleep information provided is based on a literature search conducted by the author, a lot of which corresponds with my own literature search (see baby sleep and night wakings). Practical suggestions tend to fit with the sleep information provided and were trialled by 60 mums prior to publication (admittedly there was no control group, so results are predominantly observational). In addition, Elizabeth advocates and provides the tools to measure your own baby’s sleep progress, assess the success of your approach, and revise accordingly.

Please note: The links to The No-Cry Sleep Solution are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I get a commission if you buy the book (or kindle) via these links. My primary purpose in writing this post is to provide useful information. Any financial gain is a bonus. If you think the No-cry sleep solution would help you, and you want to own your own copy, I would appreciate you using my link. I hope that this post will help you to determine whether or not this book would help you and your family. Also check out Elizabeth Pantley’s site for downloadable logs and questions and answers.

Has it worked or not worked for you? Please post a comment if you have read The No-Cry Sleep Solution and let us know what worked for you, what didn’t, and why. Every parent-baby combo is different, so no one tool will work for everyone. Your comments could help others figure out whether this book will help them.