I have a newborn. I remember the enduring sleep deprivation from last time. What can I do from birth to get back to sleeping sooner? Elizabeth Pantley’s No-Cry Sleep Solution recommends specific strategies for meeting baby and family sleep needs from birth. They fit into two main goals:
1. Build sleep associations that don’t require parental involvement.
2. Help baby to develop a body clock that recognises night from day.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Pantley has a new book out called “The No Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns“. I haven’t had a chance to read it, but I’d imagine it extends on her gentle approach, which is very appropriate for newborns.

Sleep solution 1: Build sleep associations that do not require parental involvement

The No-cry sleep solution makes the following suggestions (for detail see the book):

  • Don’t always let baby sleep in arms but savour the moments when you do.
  • Sometimes let baby suck until sleepy but not fully asleep.
  • Put baby in bed sleepy but not asleep.
  • Learn to distinguish sleeping from waking noises and respond only if waking or awake.

Based on my own analysis of sleep associations in post, and podcast form, this appears to be sound advice. These strategies should help your baby to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in a range of situations, many of which don’t require parental involvement.

Sleep solution 2: Help baby to develop a body clock that recognises night from day

Elizabeth Pantley suggests that you help distinguish day from night by:

    • Making day-time sleep bright with natural waking noises.
    • Making night-time sleep dark and quiet.
    • Making pre-sleep routines dim and quiet, with subdued activity.

This advice makes sense because from about 10-12 weeks old light, noise, and activity levels help to regulate the body clock (see baby sleep routine post).
The No-Cry Sleep Solution also provides detailed suggestions for helping baby to feel comfortable, and gradual methods for transitioning sleep arrangements.

For a general review of the book, see this post:


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