Toilet Training

Toilet Training: Where children learn to HOLD ON, and parents learn to LET GOI researched the physical aspects of toilet training here: “How to Toilet Train”. This post covers research into undies versus pull ups, and common approaches to toilet training.

What makes potty training such a big topic though is the power play that often arises. I researched motivation and applied it to toilet training here: “How to Potty Train without the Power Play”.

Finally, after I’d been there myself, I collated strategies that worked well for us and fit with the previous two research-based posts in “Potty Training Tips and Tools from Experience”.

For a great, research-based assessment of toilet training approaches see Potty Training Techniques” from Gwen Dewar at Parenting Science.

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Hi, I’m Nicky

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Hi, I'm Nicky,
A PhD/Masters registered Psychologist, researcher, coach, and Mum. I am using my skills in research to better understand this new, exciting, and sometimes baffling adventure of parenthood. I hope to gain insight, skills, and company along the way.

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