PR-P 002: Sleep Associations

Show Notes: Sleep Associations In this episode I examine sleep associations in the context of classical conditioning. I argue that the terms “dysfunctional associations”, “inappropriate associations”, “negative associations”, and “bad sleep habits” are unhelpful and inaccurate. Based on classical conditioning theory I argue why a concerted effort to break these …

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Kind and Firm, Consistent and Responsive, is it possible?

Combinations of kind and firm

A big challenge for me is when parenting values conflict. I want to be consistent and responsive, but sometimes they seem to guide me in opposite directions. I started thinking about this because of bedtime routines. On one side we have people who argue that consistency is key. You need …

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PR-P 001: Baby sleep (or lack of). Research findings for normal 0-12 month olds.

Show Notes: Baby sleep or lack of This is the first Practical Research Parenting podcast. I introduce myself then dive right into the research. In this episode I explore what is normal for baby sleep in the first year. This podcast is most relevant for parents who are expecting or …

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  • Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds)

    Take steps towards solving your child’s behavioural sleep issues now. The Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds) specialises in addressing bed-time struggles, night-wakings, extended night wakings, waking too early, and transitioning to a bed or a separate room. Suggestions are tailored to your child’s age, your situation, and your family. Answer the Wizard’s questions about your child’s sleep, and your family preferences, and he will give you suggestions on the spot.