Children waking at night is very common and very normal. If night wakings are excessive, or leaving you so sleep deprived that you cannot do what you need to each day, then there are gentle options to try to reduce night wakings. This e-book helps you to figure out why your child is waking you, and provides a variety of possible approaches.

Good reasons to change

  • Night wakings are leaving me too sleep deprived to function during the day.
  • Our family is severely sleep deprived, and it is affecting our mood, happiness, and lifestyle.
  • My child is always acting tired during the day, and waking frequently at night.

This book is a good fit for you

Not good reasons to change

  • Everyone else’s child seems to sleep through the night.
  • People say something is wrong because my child wakes at night.
  • Despite the night wakings, my family is able to function fine during the day.

Night wakings are extremely normal and are not a problem unless they are causing sleep deprivation.

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