PRP033 Child Sleep: The 3 main causes of child sleep problems in 10 minutes

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Show Notes: Child Sleep: The 3 main causes of child sleep problems Child sleep became an obsession for me back in my worst sleep-deprivation days. So I did what most PhD Psychology students would, I researched. Why do babies wake so often? Is it really necessary? When can I expect …

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PR-P 001: Baby sleep (or lack of). Research findings for normal 0-12 month olds.

Show Notes: Baby sleep or lack of This is the first Practical Research Parenting podcast. I introduce myself then dive right into the research. In this episode I explore what is normal for baby sleep in the first year. This podcast is most relevant for parents who are expecting or …

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Baby sleep routine: What to expect

When will my baby settle into a sleep routine? Can I change my baby’s sleep time routine? How long can I expect my baby to sleep? The short answers: At around about 10-12 weeks (2-3 months) babies begin to develop a body clock – a critical factor in a regular …

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Baby sleep and night wakings

The short answer is that it depends on your baby. For the long answer, here is some information from a systematic review article by Galland, Taylor, Elder, and Herbison (2012). Click here for the article. The findings are based on diary and observational studies completed on babies, toddlers, and children …

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  • Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds)

    Take steps towards solving your child’s behavioural sleep issues now. The Sleep Options Wizard (for 0-5 year olds) specialises in addressing bed-time struggles, night-wakings, extended night wakings, waking too early, and transitioning to a bed or a separate room. Suggestions are tailored to your child’s age, your situation, and your family. Answer the Wizard’s questions about your child’s sleep, and your family preferences, and he will give you suggestions on the spot.