Show Notes: My Child Refuses Sleep

Has your child become an expert at stalling bedtime? Have you gone through patches where your child refuses sleep? Most parents have been there. It is a most frustrating time, when long anticipated peace and quiet is just around the corner. Dr Ashley SodeRefuses Sleep Imagerlund, developmental psychologist from Nurture and Thrive Blog, provides great suggestions for diagnosing and addressing bedtime refusal.


The problem

  • Toddler or preschooler refuses sleep by using stalling tactics – asking for a drink, a cuddle, a story, grumbling


  • Look at the bedtime – is it too early or too late? Has your child dropped a nap and needs to sleep earlier? Does s/he just need less sleep now?
  • Perhaps your child is attempting to exert control. Provide apparent control through:
  • Include a massage as part of the bedtime routine.
  • Use a toddler clock to cue bedtime (See a toddler clock review here).
  • Get out of Bed Free Tickets (also featured in the video below)
  • Check out the video below for more suggestions


Bedtime Routine TeethBed Routine PottyBed Routine ChangeBedtime StoryBedtime Routine Sleep

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