Help your baby to sleep, guilt free

Does this sound familiar? With Alex, after a calming bed routine I'd put him down, he would cry. I'd rock him until calm, put him down - he'd cry. Take him for a walk - put him down - he'd cry. After an hour or two, I'd "give in" and feed him to sleep, crying about my...

Dream Baby Guide Summary

I had a lot of success using the techniques outlined in the "Dream Baby Guide" by Sheyne Rowley. When Alex was 6 months old, using one week of preparation as detailed in the book, then implementing a new routine, Alex went from waking and feeding 3 times a night to...

Hi, I’m Nicky

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Hi, I'm Nicky,
A PhD/Masters registered Psychologist, researcher, coach, and Mum. I am using my skills in research to better understand this new, exciting, and sometimes baffling adventure of parenthood. I hope to gain insight, skills, and company along the way.

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