Potty Chart

Before you download the potty chart, please heed my warning from “How to potty train without the power play”:

How you use the chart is important. The idea is that the levels provide clear goals, and it is clear when a level is accomplished. The celebration is to recognise success, not reward behaviour. Therefore, the levels, and the celebration are not bargaining tools. They should NOT be used as “If you don’t go to the potty, you won’t level up”, or “Go to the potty now, or there will be no celebration”. To avoid these tempting phrases, I am going to try to use questions not statements. Such as “You’re wearing no pants and no undies now, when will you get to wear pants?”.

Download my free Potty Chart (182KB)

I intend to ask Alex how he wants to celebrate, and get him to stick a photo of that in the last blank square.

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