Settling Techniques: Hands off to in arms

Vocal/ musical (can be used with any others)

  • Shhhing
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Talking
  • Soft music
  • White noise

In cot

  • Stroking
  • Stroking between eyes and down nose (can make them close their eyes)
  • Rhythmic patting (baby or mattress)
  • Rocking their body or bassinette/cot
  • A tight wrap and/or tight sheets
  • Firmly holding them still
  • Staying in sight doing your own thing

In Carriers

  • Car
  • Pram
  • Walk/bop/or sway with Baby in the baby carrier
  • Bouncer

In arms

  • Hugging baby upright or lying in your arms
  • Bopping and/or swinging
  • Feeding milk while sitting, or lying with Baby
  • Hugging while bouncing on a fit ball, or rocking in a rocking chair
  • Skin to skin hug

Sleep aids

  • Dummy
  • Comfort item (Age-safe)


  • Baby massage
  • Warm bath

Sanity aids (as required)

  • Leave Baby in cot, take a moment to calm yourself
  • Listen to an audio-book or podcast while hugging, walking, etc
  • Call in back-up (husband, parents, friends)
  • Take frequent, short, scheduled departures to do a calming mundane task

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