It didn’t work

Sorry to hear it didn’t work. I’ve been there too. Many times. You are not stuck in sleep deprivation. We can get you out. Let’s think about what might have gone wrong this time.

Too much resistance

Your child made it very clear that this would not do. I’ve been there. Despite my initial resolve, I couldn’t be the cause of so much distress for my child. If this was your experience, you may find that you get a lot less resistance a second time. You can read more about this here.

The approach was a poor fit

Poor sleeping habits can be due to a number of potential factors:

  • Emotional comfort – not feeling safe in bed alone.
  • Behavioural tactics – need for power/attention.
  • Physical – Physically unable to sleep at certain times.

Different strategies are better for different causes. Think about which cause seems most relevant in your child’s case. Here are the general approaches for each root cause:

  • Emotional – Gentle, gradual changes, with an emphasis on positive time together in the child’s sleeping place, with gradual and predictable departures.
  • Behavioural – Clearly stated and enforced boundaries. For older children, greater choice over limited aspects of the sleep routine.
  • Physical – Gradual changes to the timing of activities that regulate the body clock.

Choose another approach that might be a better fit.

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