Other Solutions

Remember your sleep-deprived self from weeks, months, or years ago? Remember how you longed to hear that other parents had been there, done something, and escaped the sleep deprivation? Please share your new-found wisdom to help other parents like you.

If you have solved your sleep issues, please share how it happened.

If you did something that seemed to make the difference, what was it?

If you used a combination of approaches, what were they?

If you waited it out, did it change gradually or quickly? At what age did your child start sleeping better?

If you used a single approach from the Sleep Options Wizard, please visit the specific page for those sleep suggestions, and leave your comment there. (I may copy comments to more appropriate pages if I think that would be helpful.)

Please let us know what your sleep situation went from and to, at what ages, how long it took, and what you think made the difference.

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