The Possums Sleep Intervention

The Possums Sleep Intervention is a new approach to parent-infant sleep developed by psychologist Dr Koa Whittingham and GP Dr Pamela Douglas.  It is grounded within the latest research in sleep science, neuroscience, and infant attachment, and incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  It is different to many other approaches.  It does not involve advice on how long baby should sleep for, lists of tired cues,Possums Sleep Intervention or feed play sleep cycles.

In the Possums Sleep Intervention, you’ll be introduced to the latest science of sleep, including how sleep is biologically regulated.  The Possums Sleep intervention will support you in flexibly experimenting with sleep within your family, in a manner that is consistent with your values.  We also focus on helping you to get the best night’s sleep possible, and to be able to enjoy parenthood.

The Possums Sleep intervention is available from the Possums Clinic:   It can be accessed through face to face sessions (the Possums Clinic is in Brisbane), skype sessions, or online through our Sleep Film and Workbook For more information, you can also listen to my series of podcasts with Dr Koa Whittingham here.

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