Restrict Movement

Restricting your child’s movement in bed can be comforting and helpful for preventing standing.

The full swaddle is only recommended until babies are able to roll from back to tummy.

For how-to guides on the full swaddle see:

The Dream Baby Guide: and most other parenting books
Text and pictures:

You can also buy swaddles with Arms up like this one: or
Arms down or out like this one: (Affiliate links – thank you)

Once your child can roll, there are still things you can do.

  1. Tuck the cot sheet in length-ways such that there is more length at the sides. Roll up old towels to stuff down the side to keep the sheet tight across your child’s body. This recommendation is also from the Dream Baby Guide and can be used in addition to the wrap.q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B003BNZRY2&Format=
  2. The Safe-T-Sleep is recommended by a lot of sleep consultants. I haven’t used it personally due to the cost.

Please add your experiences with movement restriction in the comments below. Please provide the age of your child when you tried it, and how long you tried it for. If it helped, please share the effects you saw. If it didn’t help, why do you think it didn’t work in your case?

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