Timing of Sleeps

It is possible that your child is too tired, or not tired enough at bedtime. Or that your child is getting too much sleep during the day, and so needs less at night. You could try experimenting with this by putting your child down for a sleep later or earlier than usual, and providing more or less stimulation during the time that your child is awake. You should have been emailed videos and resources for mapping your child’s sleep. If you haven’t, you can sign up here: https://www.practicalresearchparenting.com/firststep.

Please add your experiences in the comments below. What did you find out by recording your child’s sleep, and experimenting with the timing? Did a sleep schedule work for you? Please provide the age of your child and what you found out.


  1. Nicole Weeks

    “No change at all. Babys problem is self settling at any time – even if timing is right” (Mother of 9 month old boy)

  2. Nicole Weeks

    “No consistent pattern was recognised. Potentially a correlation between highly stimulating days and reduced large awake periods but more frequent wakings.” (Mother of 14 month old girl)


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