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Thank you for signing up to my newsletter and taking an interest in this sleep book. This book is optimised for Pages, so I am sorry if the Word version is difficult to manipulate.  Please click the appropriate button below to download.

Word.docx Pages.pages

To tailor this for your child (assuming that your routine is the same), you will need to search and replace ‘Alex’ with your child’s name, and replace (or remove) the reference to Mr Seahorse and Mr Leopard.
You will also need the following photos:

Child sleeping (landscape)
Child changing (portrait)
Reading a story (landscape)
Hugging (square)
Climbing into bed (square)
Lying down (landscape)
Story in bed (square)
Goodnight kiss (square)
Wave goodnight (square)
Parent in the lounge room (portrait)
Dark blinds/curtains (landscape)
Mr Seahorse or equivalent (square)
Child drinking (square)
Light blinds (landscape)
Child clapping in bed (square)
Child with a story (portrait)
Child reading in bed (landscape)
Reading with parent (landscape)

I printed these pages, pasted them on coloured cardboard, and put them in a plastic sleeved ring binder. When Alex achieves something from the book, we add a sticker to that page. The pages are looking pretty busy now, so I’m thinking perhaps we should have stuck the stickers on the back.

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