Show Notes: Baby Sleep Book – Dream Baby Guide Review

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This episode provides practical suggestions from the Dream Baby Guide by Sheyne Rowley. The Dream Baby Guide is not just another baby sleep book, it is a blueprint for establishing a trusting, kind but firm relationship with your child. To hear more about the Dream Baby Guide approach in Sheyne Rowley’s own words, see The Australian Baby Whisperer.

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  1. Free Downloadable Sleep Diary from the Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic
  2. Free Download: “Three Skills to Teach During the DAY for better SLEEP at NIGHT”
  3. Posts on Teaching Emotion Management: Interpreting Emotions and coping with emotions: Helicopter Parenting and Sleep and the podcasts PRP005 Baby Emotion Management – Interpreting emotions and PRP006 Emotional regulation, helicopter parenting, and sleep
  4. Bedtime Routine Modelling Podcast and Post
  5. Respond to distressed cries (see number 3 above)
  6. Free access to: “Learn to Interpret your Baby’s Cries”
  7. Sensible Sleep Solution Podcast 1 of 3
  8. Affiliate link to the Dream Baby Guide
  9. Email your receipt to me for a Dream Baby Guide Quick Reference Sheet, and a Night Trigger Reference PDF
  10. The Sleep Options Wizard for 0-5 year olds (Buy or gift to a friend)
  11. Record or email your questions for Ashley Soderlund from Nurture and Thrive Blog

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